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General Motors has gone above


In todays world, return oninvestmentis calculated by finacil agains. They are to be acknowledged and commended for their service to consumers and to the collision repair industry. VeriFacts also employ patent-pending technology to come up with their unbiased assessment in terms of a shops ability to consistently deliver high quality repairs and meet the ongoing objectives and criteria created for direct repair programs.

It is very important for vendors to have access to directions for installing car parts.jsp. With the numerous vehicle models, frequency of change and general technical complexities that collision repairers have to meet in their work having an unlimited access to detailed repair information China Wholesale Self Tapping Metal Screws Suppliers is equivalent to having gold. Repairing damaged GM vehicles is not just a matter of using the right parts; it relies on employing the right repair techniques as well. We believe General Motors has gone above and beyond to express their commitment to their customers, said Farzam Afshar, CEO and co-founder of VeriFacts Automotive.

GM car owners can easily obtain access on manuals and other repair procedures that they need by simply logging in to www.The most frustrating thing when it comes to repairing cars is when certain important auto parts are not available in the market. The ACE Commitment to Consumers Award recognizes those manufacturers and other companies in the collision repair industry that continuously provide services and freely share product information with consumers.

VeriFacts Automotive will honor General Motors Corporationworlds largest automaker and producer of the high quality GM Suspension Bushing---is the only US manufacturer that is known at present that have provided its customers with free product information.gmgoodwrench. According to Robert Hartman, GM Service & Parts Operations, General Motors has consistently worked at making collision repair information available where it is most needed in the marketplace.

VeriFacts is an interactive coaching company that provides seminars and other services for claims professionals that deals on some of todays most misinterpreted and misunderstood areas of structural, body and paint procedures, including corrosion protection, welding, structural parts replacement, vehicle measuring and estimate/repair documentation. Moreover the reliability of the brand name depends on the repairers having the precise manufacturers specifications to repair a vehicle to its original state and shape which would make the vehicle react in the same way as it did in the first collision. This was seconded by Mark Olson, COO and co-founder of VerFacts, saying The free information provided by General Motors has been an invaluable service to all Collision Repair Centers around the globe. GM is looking at it as a way of doing the Drywall Screws Wholesalers right thing for their customers and for the right reasons. But it is even more frustrating when vital car repair information is not accessible. The said award will be introduced and given at the 2007 Collision Industry Night of Achievement, which will beheld in conjunction with the International Autobody Congress and Exposition or in short NACE.